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When it rains it pours.  I have been forced to cease this blog.  I cannot go into the details regarding whom or why.

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RULK REPORT : Is this the END of RED HULK?


Marvel’s solicitations for September 2012 was just released to the public apparently revealing a startling fact: There were no Red “HULK” issue solicitations to be found… which begs one to ask the question “Is this the end of the Red Hulk?”

And that is exactly what the last caption asks in the August 2012 solicitation of HULK Issue # 57:

“The stunning conclusion to MAYAN RULE!!! What horrible fate awaits the human race? IS THIS THE END OF RED HULK???”

Adding fuel to the fire is Jeff Parker’s answer to the following question in a Marvel interview released yesterday:

MARVEL : If, somehow, the Red Hulk survives “Mayan Rule” where are you hoping to take him next?

JEFF PARKER : Classified!

So is our beloved Red HULK series being cancelled? Is Marvel simply skipping a month before releasing issue # 58?  Is there just an error in the solicitation?  Will the Red HULK solo series be rebooted if it’s cancelled? Will the Red Hulk still be with the Avengers, or does that cover featuring the Rulk with a broken arm suggest otherwise? Time will tell Red Hulk fans!

RULK REPORT : Marvel Senior Editior Mark Paniccia discusses his history with The Incredible Hulk and the RED HULK!

In celebration of The Incredible Hulk’s 50th Anniversary (as well as General Ross’s), Marvel is launching a “Hulk Week” string of interviews featuring creators involved with the smashing goliath.  Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia sat down with Marvel’s Ben Morse first to discuss his personal history with the Green Goliath, as well as the Red Hulk!  Here are some highlights:

PANICCIA: “…the Red Hulk saga was very cool. It was something I had completely different plans for, even seeded a new character to become this new Hulk, but Joe convinced me it should be [General Ross] and he was right. I had a great conversation with Jeph Loeb and he took it from there with Ed McGuinness. Then we started building a plan with Greg Pak so we could have two books going concurrently, then dovetail into what became World War Hulks.

Working with Jeph on HULK was something I’ll never forget. We became really good friends over the process and I remember going through some tough times with something and the guy was always there for me. And we had a lot of good times, too. We got away with some pretty fun stuff like punching The Watcher and introducing the Offenders. Sigh…now I want to do a book with them.

The HULK stuff that followed with the other Jeff—Parker—and artist Gabriel Hardman was a great follow-up experience from Mr. Loeb and Mr. McGuinness. Parker took that torch and ran all the way up several mountain tops with it. I would smile ear to ear when I got his scripts. I knew where he was going but never knew how he’d get there so there was always this indescribable excitement when I’d get that e-mail from him with a word attachment. I’d throw something at him like “Planet Red Hulk” and he’d be like, “Ok, that’ll work with what I’m doing. I’ll have it over in a few days. It’s perfect for this new idea I have” and I’d get this real blast of a script. Parker scripts are so fun to read we’ll have to publish one sometime.”

To read the entire Marvel interview with Mark Paniccia, click HERE.

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TOY RULK : DST’s RED HULK Action Figure back due to Popular Demand!

Heeee’s Baaaack!

Due to popular demand, the highly sought after discontinued Red Hulk action figure by Diamond Select Toys is available once again at a comic store near you!  So if you missed it last time and didn’t want to pay inflated prices for one in the secondary market, be sure to pick one up!

Here are the details:

A Diamond Select Release! From the pages of The Incredible Hulk comes this Marvel Select action figure featuring the jade giant himself! This massive 10″ behemoth includes fourteen points of articulation and a deluxe rubble base showcasing the aftereffects of a Hulk-attack! Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, each rampaging Hulk figure brings a world-shaking mainstay of the Marvel Universe to stores! Blister card packaging.