A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.



“They’re going back to their home.  We worked out a treaty.  You’re a military man.. you like treaties, right?” – Spider-Man

“I guess…” – Rulk

“Yeah, sure you do” – Spider-Man

While reviewing the previous AVENGING SPIDER-MAN  Issue # 1 and 2 (which can be read here), the series was simply proclaimed as “pure fun”.  It’s a compliment harder to achieve than one might think, and fortunately for comic fans everywhere, the 3rd and final issue of the Spider-Man / Red Hulk team-up continues that trend… and does not disappoint.

When we last left Spider-Man and the Red Hulk, the Rulk was slain by Ra’ktar, the King of the underground dwelling Molans who possibly possess the sharpest substance on… or underneath…  the Earth.   Slain with a sword crafted by this dangerous substance, Ross lay defeated…. and Spidey took that distraction as an opportunity to flee with the imprisoned Jonah Jameson.  But to Jonah’s surprise (which may finally spur a shred of understanding and admiration towards the arachnid hero that saved him ) Spidey can only show Jonah the way out before his strength of honor, code and conscience compels the web-head to return to the side of the Red Hulk… regardless if he will ultimately meet the same deadly fate.

Writer Zeb Wells strikes gold again and expertly highlights the stuff that these two mismatched heroes are truly made of.   From Spider-Man’s honorable refusal to leave without his partner… to the Red Hulk’s refusal to give up and let his enemy get the best of him, all the right chords are struck.  And who could not appreciate the Rulk trailing a pool of blood, forcing his body to move all while giving himself a rigged military pep talk… “On your feet Ross!” “Buck up soldier!”

In the perspective of solely Red Hulk fans, sure the time spent on Rulk in this issue was a little short changed, but the unorthodox yet classic way Spidey defeated Ra’ktar served the story well… including the revenge-denying truce that enraged Ross much more than any punch or sword stroke ever could.

Joe Madureira’s art is purely insane, in the utmost complimentary way.  With the brilliant coloring of Ferran Daniel, Madureira’s talent produces stunning upon stunning images that are so very unique, surreal and tantalizing.  His gift is truly a special one… and who could not love his thrilling use of silhouettes!  It’s simply wonderful.

This is a comic book that will remind you why you like the Superhero genre.  Pick it up!

4 out of 5 Stars 

A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.
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