A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.

Lan Medina

RULK REPORT : Red Hulk goes hunting for a Symbiote in VENOM Issue # 11!

In the latest 11th issue of VENOM, no one other than the Red Hulk himself is tasked by Captain America to hunt down the black symbiote wearer, in a prelude to the upcoming “Circle of Four” event that begins with Issue # 13.

The story at this point indicates the current Venom, soldier Flash Thompson, who had been performing operations wearing the symbiote for the U.S. Government, has suddenly gone A.W.O.L..  Not only did he disappear without a trace, but Flash took the symbiote with him and now he has become enemy of the state… all obvious sore points for a former General now Hulk who served the military and country so honorably.  But what Rulk doesn’t know is…. Flash is being blackmailed by some very dangerous criminals and if he doesn’t come through with what they’re asking, his whole family’s welfare is at risk.

Here is the brief Red Hulk’s recruitment scene:

The great thing about this issue is, while Red Hulk fans will consider this an essential pickup as a precursor to the “Circle of Four” storyline, it is simply a great comic…  nicely drawn (except for Rulk’s beady eyes) with a well paced story.  And if the upcoming VENOM Issue # 12 is anywhere near as enjoyable, you may find yourself following this comic long after the “Circle of Four” has ended.  Pick this one up!

A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.  
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